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Hitchhiker by Audra Middleton

Monday, I turned over the Writing Process Blog Hop to Audra Middleton. As promised, here is a brief review of her most recent novel, Hitchhiker.

Ainsley, an art teacher in the small Eastern Washington town of Hawk Lake, has the “hitchhiker” gene. Under the right conditions, this gene gives her the ability to “hitchhike” on the senses of another person for a brief time. The head of an outcast, inadequately funded unit of the FBI discovers Ainsley’s ability and persuades her to join his paranormal band of misfits.

I found myself rooting for Ainsley as she grew in confidence and conquered her fears while attempting to bring criminals to justice. Her colleague Dove/Dylan, is an even more endearing oddball. He is most brilliant off his meds, but then his schizophrenia starts to take over. The supporting cast is memorable including her free spirited mother and her retired-military father.

The tension cranks up when things go amiss after the team takes on an unauthorized operation. I look forward to more Ainsley and Dylan in the future.

You can buy Hitchhiker from her publisher, Burst Books, or other e-book retailers including Amazon. Audra’s blog will be at: http://www.audramiddleton.com.

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