About This Blog

I write about my books, the craft of writing, do reviews of books and movies I enjoy and a few I hate, and anything else I think will interest my readers. I don’t write about how awesome the Seahawks have been and how they should win it all again this year.

I enjoy science fiction, thrillers, and historical fiction and I write the same.

My sci fi books Truth-Teller Rebellion and Truth-Teller Revenge are published under the name Kenneth D. Schultz. Coming soon will be Mindfield, which on the surface is a space opera, but its essence is one man’s search for his identity. It takes place forty years after the Truth-Teller books.

My thriller Download is published under the name K.D. Schultz. It features a nerdy mathematics prodigy determined to stop a gang that’s hacking the stock market, and takes place in Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

Magellan’s Navigator is a historical novel based upon the “found” memoir of Francisco Albo, who actually piloted the one ship of Magellan’s fleet that circumnavigated the world. It is published as Kenneth D. Schultz.


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