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I enjoy reading historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers,  and I write the same. Please note that all my books can be read as standalone novels, although they can be better appreciated if read in a series.

Lately I’ve focused writing on nautical fiction. Magellan’s Navigator, first published in December 2016,  has great reviews on Amazon and by the notoriously tough readers on Goodreads. It continues to sell well four years out as people continue to discover it. Magellan’s Navigator is a historical novel based upon the “found” memoir of Francisco Albo, who actually piloted the one ship of Magellan’s fleet that circumnavigated the world.

The King’s Galley, published in October 2019, continues Francisco Albo’s tale after his return to Spain in Magellan’s Navigator. Think Master and Commander on a galley in 1523. The plot is fictional, but there are lots of historical characters. I spent many hours researching galleys of that period and the historical settings.

The Sultan’s Galley, published in January 2021, is my third Albo book. He is now commander of a Spanish galley and, having reunited with his old friend Antonio Pigafetta, does battle against the Ottoman fleet.

My most recent science fiction books are Mindfield and Mindgames. On the surface Mindfield is a space opera, but its essence is one man’s search for his identity. It and its sequel Mindgames take place forty years after my Truth-Teller books, Truth-Teller Rebellion and Truth-Teller Revenge. Honestly, it’s hard to get traction in this genre, but I’m proud of these books and Mindfield has gotten some good reviews on Goodreads.

My thriller Download is published under the name K.D. Schultz. It features a nerdy mathematics prodigy determined to stop a gang that’s hacking the stock market, and takes place in Seattle and the San Juan Islands. It’s also got many good reviews.

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