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When I graduated with my Chemical Engineering degree Professor Brosilow asked what I wanted to do. I replied, “Write a novel.”

I didn’t.

My birthdate won me the December 1st, 1969 draft lottery so I joined the Navy. I didn’t see the world, but I did see Washington, D.C. where my unit worked with the now infamous NSA, the National Security Agency. I still didn’t write.

Instead I got a Master’s in Business from Harvard and embarked on a career in finance. Towards the end of that pursuit I finally started to write.

Now I bring characters and worlds to life on a daily basis. I live in the quaint town of Edmonds in Washington State with my wife and my aging Vizsla Ruby. Besides writing, I fish, hike, and travel. 

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Jeff Peterson, Castro Valley CA

    Just finished Magellan’s Navigator! Excellent! I’m into all types of history and this is one of the best non-fictions. Many thanks

    • Thank you so much. As a writer, you get close to your work, and never really know how good it is. So it always gratifying to know readers enjoy the work. Right now I’m doing the final edits on The Sultan’s Galley, the follow on to The King’s Galley. This should be out before Christmas. Also, I’m beginning research on a book similar to Magellan’s Navigator, which will follow another historical explorer. That may be a two year project.

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