My Books

My newest book is Magellan’s Navigator, a historical novel.


Magellan’s Navigator is a meticulously researched tale of the first circumnavigation of the globe as seen through the eyes of Francisco Albo, who navigated the sole remaining ship halfway around the world. Sail along with Albo through storms, mutinies, and the intrigues of native rajahs.

Buy it in print or ebook on Amazon at:

My mystery/thrillers are published as K.D. Schultz


Adam, a mathematics geek and hacker for the National Security Agency, gets a late night call from Seattle. His twin brother Cole is dying. In Seattle, Adam discovers a mystery drug induced his brother’s death. Cole was a high-frequency stock trader at a high flying Seattle hedge fund where he recently had unusual multi-million dollars losses.

These losses are the key to Cole’s murder. To find the killer, Adam teams up with a retired NFL player and a gawky childhood friend turned lovely accountant. They uncover a shady hedge fund’s illicit trading scheme, but Adam has to flee Seattle when he’s targeted by a hit man. Adam must use all his math, computer, and hacking skills to elude the killers, foil the rogue traders, and avenge his brother’s death.

Download is available on Amazon.

My science fiction books are published as Kenneth D. Schultz

My Truth-Teller world books are set two thousand years in the future, but they’re not your typical science fiction. However, the Truth-Teller world might be what our descendants face after the exhaustion of fossil fuels in the next century or so and per capita energy expenditure is back to that of our Founding Fathers. The Truth-Teller world still bears the scars of the Ninety-Minute Middle East nuclear war fought over the last dregs of oil and the world’s population is but a fraction of today’s. I’ve tried to use my scientific, engineering, and economic background to visualize this world.

However, this world is not the same as today’s. Some people, like my co-protagonists Cary and Krin, have abilities far beyond our own. How they cope with the world, and how the world copes with them, is the crux of my story.

He knows if you’re lying. She knows what you’re feeling.

In 4012, fossil fuels are exhausted and an Ice Age grips the Earth. After their parents are swept away in a flood, visitors reveal to a pair of teenage orphans the truth of their parent’s past, and they soon find themselves running for their lives. Hunted by assassins of the dictator who has invaded their country, Cary and Krin must learn to use the full extent of their powers and uncover the mysteries of their formidable family.

Can an eighteen-year-old truth-teller elude a psychopathic assassin long enough to uncover the secrets of his family’s past and unlock his formidable mental gifts?

Truth-Teller Rebellion is available in e-book and paperback from Amazon at It is also available on Kindle Unlimited for free.

Wormhole technology is a reality and promises to be the salvation of mankind. That is, if the battle over its control doesn’t destroy civilization first.

Cary sees a chance to end the war while getting revenge on the man responsible for killing his father and his lover. There’s one problem. It’s a suicide mission. When Krin discovers this, she’s determined to use all her emotion-twisting powers to keep him alive.

Truth-Teller Revenge available as an ebook or paperback at It is also available through Kindle Unlimited for free.

Coming soon:

Mindfield, science fiction

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