Thank You Readers

There is little good to say about Covid-19 pandemic. My thoughts are with all those who have suffered from the virus or are suffering from it, those who have lost their jobs because of it, and those on the front lines helping us all survive it.

Talking with my fellow authors, there is one small good among these troubles. People are reading more.  I also see that my readership is expanding beyond the United States. I’ve always had the occasional Canadian, German, or Australian reader of Magellan’s Navigator. I know I have some from the Philippines as one gentleman there wrote a lovely review. Lately I’ve seen purchases in Japan, Mexico, and Spain. The latter scares me…as an English speaking person writing about mostly Spaniards. I’d be interested in hearing their opinion.

The most startling growth in readership has been from Great Britain. Sales there are now a significant portion of my total. Also, and unusually, this month I’ve had an unusual number of paperback sales there.

Thank you readers. Writing is a solitary business even before the ‘stay at home orders.’ It is deeply satisfying to see your purchases and to read your reviews. Thank you.

Also, please know that if you’re reading my book for a book club, I am available to answer questions and provide support if I can.

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