Magellan’s Navigator Sales Hit a Milestone


The 1000th copy of Magellan’s Navigator sold today, which is a good number for an unknown author in the nautical historical fiction genre. Furthermore, sales are accelerating! Thank you readers.

Even more than the sales, I appreciate the feedback from readers, like the gentleman who wrote me last week saying that he thoroughly enjoyed Magellan’s Navigator and The King’s Galley, and that he was looking forward to the third book in the series. This book is outlined and writing has begun. I am shooting to publish it in late 2020.

Thanks again. Kenneth D. Schultz



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2 responses to “Magellan’s Navigator Sales Hit a Milestone

  1. Jane Traub

    Just finished Magellens Navigator. Great read! Fascinating tale.made you feel like you were on the historic journey with the crew. Interesting psychological aspects of the shifting and competing loyalties of the officers and other leaders. Amazing to see the tale from the point of view of Albo the pilot. Transported me to a different world. Poor Magellen under estimated the religious feelings of the natives. Pity he was so blinded in his zeal to convert them. He should have been satislfued with his luck and not made war on the last fierce tribe. He lost his way mentally, even though he was a genius navigator! Ironic.

    • Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. Part of the reason for me writing it was to highlight the interpretation you’ve given, which I don’t think comes out in many of the history books. They too often tell what happened, but not the human side of why something happened.

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