Indie Authors Get No Respect From the New York Times, Despite Kicking Ass in the Marketplace

How does the The New York Times come up titles for their articles? For example, how about: The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print is Far From Dead.

Is the journalist actually stupid enough to believe their title or are they simply a shill for the traditional publishers? They canvased 1200 publishers, and discovered that e-book sales for them have stalled, while print is rising. Is that any surprise? The trad publishers are pricing some e-books higher than paperback these days. How does that make sense, other than to blatantly rip off the buying public?

The journalist completely ignores sales by Amazon and other e-tailers of indie writers in their so-called analysis. In fact, Author Earnings does an excellent analysis, which shows e-books sales continue to go up, and e-books, mostly written by indie authors, are dominating the romance, sci fi, and fantasy genres.

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