Another record and a little road block

I keyed 2,358 words yesterday on Mindfield, which makes for 15,225 words in the last fifteen days. Yeah! Both numbers are records for me. Even when I’m not sitting at my keyboard, electrifying dialogue and action sequences dance in my mind. Too bad they aren’t as electrifying when I get around to punching them into words. Nonetheless, writing a new book is an exciting experience for me.

I did have a few slow days where I barely logged a few hundred words. Writer’s block? You might call it that, but the problem was I had a good outline for the first two-thirds of the book, while the last third was sketchy. To a degree, this was unavoidable. More so than most space operas, Mindfield is about its protagonist’s self-discovery. I had to write the first two-thirds of the book to fully understand Cam and where he wanted to head. That done, the remainder of the book plotted out in quick order.writing clipart

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