The Genesis Of My Next Sci-fi Novel

Just because I’m still rewriting Magellan’s Navigator doesn’t mean I’m not planning my next Sci-fi work.

First there comes the concept, the germ, the seed of an idea. Many book ideas surface in my head, but an idea takes a second  and writing a book takes months. So I must thin these seedling ideas, so the best can grow.

It all starts with what if?

What if the protagonist thinks they’re human, but they’re really an A.I., or maybe they are human, or something else entirely, like an alien. My reader will take this journey of self-discovery with my protagonist set against a little space opera and a little romance.

Think Blade Runner meshed with Old Man’s War.

Future blogs will discuss my own journey in first designing and plotting this book, and then writing it. There are many things to decide. Whose and how many points of views should I use? What events propel the plot? What is the “world” in which the story takes place?

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  1. Sounds interesting – I loved Blade Runner back in the day.

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