It’s Been a Hectic Month of Editing and Toddler Sitting. Which Makes Me Wonder: How Parents Find Time to Write and Raise Kids

I received the Truth-Teller Revenge galleys from my publisher for the final proof a little over a month ago. I went through them, and then my meticulous and wonderful wife caught everything that I hadn’t. There was a lot to catch and only ten days to do it in. I can’t believe I read “grim” for “grime” multiple times. It goes to show how difficult it is to edit one’s own book. After a discussion with my publisher, Truth-Teller Revenge will come out in January 2015, instead of this November. At the cost of a two-month delay in publishing, it will be a much better book.

Closely following the final edit of Revenge was the birth of our second grandchild, a lovely little girl who needed a little extra time at the hospital before coming home. While Mommy and Daddy were beside her at the hospital, my wife and I cared for our two-year-old toddler grandson for ten days. This experience gave me a greater appreciation for the time, energy, and attention it takes to raise children. Now that our granddaughter is at home getting settled with her family, I will be getting back to writing and blogging.

My hat is off to all you parent/writers. I don’t know how you do it!

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